Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Hello Family and Friends Once again my favorite time of year is here. Yes I love Halloween more than Christmas. I think that I will have to answer for that one in the here after. Regardless, I love all that fall and Halloween bring. The pumpkin patches, apple picking, fall leaves,costumes, scary movies, trick or treating, and candy. This year we find ourselves in Portlans Oregan. We will have my parents and two younger sisters visiting this year for Halloween, which is a first. It is a tradition in our little family that everyone dresses up in a family theme. We will have to try and incorporate my extended family somehow. Ava is now 6 and a half and in first grade. She loves it. She is taking gymnastics and loving it too. Katrina is 3 going on 16. She is just as energetic as her sister, but much more shy. She is not in preschoolyet, but we are very busy regardless. She is taking ballet, music and many a playdate. She gets so shy sometimes. It is pretty cute. Very different from the super social, talk to everyone, Ava Kruse. Savanna is 1 now and quite a spite fire little girl. She is very sweet, and funny. She is able to express such a range of emotion without speaking. The three of them are my life, and I spend much of my time running from one activity to the next with them. I love it. Outside of that, I am enjoying taking my prenursing Human anatomy class online, and running with some friends from the ward. Dan is enjoying a much easier schedule, and works from home when possible. It is great having him with us more. Happy Halloween and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! ---

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